Oded Gold – Interesting Facts About Primark

Interesting Facts About Primark By Oded Gold

Associated British Foods owns Primark, which is a fast fashion retailer that sells clothing, homeware and cosmetics at a low price. Primark operates out of multiple levels of business, from manufacturing to stores, and is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Primark's sustainability commitments include using more recycled materials, eliminating hazardous chemicals, and improving livelihoods for farmers.

Primark operates in Europe, the United States, and South America. It has over 290 stores in these regions, and employs 80,000 people in 180 countries. Almost half of its leadership positions are held by women. It plans to expand globally, with new stores opening in the United States and Europe.

Primark has a zero tolerance policy for child labor. It has also committed to improving biodiversity. Primark has a partnership with Delivering Good in the United States. The charity donates unsold items to those in need.

Primark has joined the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). ETI brings businesses together to work on issues relating to labour rights and supply chains. Primark has signed a code of conduct with its suppliers. It has also committed to ensuring that it pays the living wage to all of its workers, regardless of gender or nationality.

Primark has been in the news for its involvement in modern slavery scandals. A note was discovered in the pocket of a pair of Primark trousers, claiming that the workers had been forced to work 15 hour days and were fed unfit food.